titov_bunkerThe former president of former Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito has built this shelter in the Bosnian town of Konjic, 40 km south of Sarajevo. It was meant to save about 350 military people from nuclear attack of about 25 kilotons. The construction lasted around 26 years (1953-1979) and took 4,6 billions of dollars to build. The horseshoe-shaped complex is dug into a mountain, 280 meters below ground. The shelter was the top military secret. Only few people knew about it.

The secret shelter was revealed during the Bosnian war in 1992. The new army took over and still owns it. The space had never really been put to use until a group of artists turned to authorities with an idea to put this sleepy town of Konjic on the cultural map.

Obsolete and lifeless for years, this secret anti-nuclear shelter has now temporarily opened its doors as an art gallery, with some exhibits exploring what would have happened if more mushroom clouds had hit the world’s skies.

The bunker was opened in 2011 for three months as an art gallery. This year’s exhibition will also run for three months. Artists from 19 countries took part in this with their projects displayed in about bosnian_bunker100 rooms of the facility. These latest artworks will join 40 others displayed in the bunker in 2011, paving the way for a permanent collection which can be enriched over the years.

The project director Edo Hozic said that the goal is to gradually turn it into an art gallery permanently. Bosnian art and culture is taking shape slowly but surely.

Visitors can enter the site on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am, 12am and 2pm.
The entrance is free but the visitors have to get a permit from the army to enter the facility. This could be arranged with the local tourist agencies.

Tourism Association of FB&H
phone: + 387 33 238 886
fax: + 387 33 238 885


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